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How Do I Change the Taxable Amount of a Ticket?
How Do I Change the Taxable Amount of a Ticket?

Charity, taxes only on one part of the ticket

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Are you hosting a benefit event and only part of your ticket is taxable, the rest being donated to charity? Here's how to adjust the taxable amount of the ticket into the system.

1- Go to the Events section of the left menu, then to the My Events module

2- Go to the Rates tab of the event.

3- In the Costs section, click Taxes.

4- Adjust the taxable and non-taxable amount of your ticket.

5- Click on Save. also offers charities the ability to automatically send a donation / charity receipt to its buyers.

First of all, we strongly recommend that you read this full article detailing what a charitable donation receipt is, the amounts that are applicable (essential!), the rules surrounding the issuance of this type of receipt and more.

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