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Add a Message For my Buyers in the Emails They Already Receive
Add a Message For my Buyers in the Emails They Already Receive

Use the available text area of the confirmation email, electronic tickets and reminder email to communicate with your buyers

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Do you have important information to share with your customers?

You have three options that can either be applied to your account (so on all your events) or on a specific event.

Since these emails contain information that is essential to your customers, it is a legal way to communicate with them.

On an Event

1- In My events, select your event.

2- In the Details tab, click on Advanced options.

3- Under the Important information section you can enter the messages you want to communicate to your buyers.

Confirmation Email

The confirmation email is sent to your customers immediately after their purchase. Other important information can be found there such as the name of your event, its date and time, its description, in addition to the details of the order and the costs. Your text will appear in a red box as shown in the example above. (You can input French and English depending on the event.)

Eticket Email

The email containing the electronic tickets (or the viewing links if your event is virtual) is sent to your customers immediately after their purchase and contains little information. Add a short paragraph at the top. It will appear in a red box.

Reminder Email

The reminder email is sent to your customers 48 hours before the start of your physical event and 12 hours before a virtual event. It is the perfect time to remind your customers of important information! Your text will be placed at the very beginning of the email.

On Your Organization

1- Click on Oganizations under Accounts

2- In the Default Event Information section, you will find the options you are looking for. You just need to click on the icon to modify or add your custom text.

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