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How to create a QR code for connecting to app
How to create a QR code for connecting to app

Create a QR code to quickly connect to our application used for validation (validate passes)

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Login QR codes are the fastest way to log into app. They are ideal for:

  • Users who tend to forget their password;

  • Events who have multiple scanning devices;

  • Events where you do not want to give the user's a password, so that they can only have access to the application.

Each QR code is associated with a user of the platform. To create a login QR code, you must first select the user.

Create a Login QR Code

  1. In the Access module, select Users

  2. Find the user and click on the down arrow at the end of the line to bring up the menu.

  3. Click on Send a QR code.

  4. An email containing the Login QR code will be sent to the email associated with the user.

  5. Print out the QR code for quick access!

Connection to the app

  1. To log into the app with your login QR code, first open the app.

  2. Then click on Sign in with QR and scan your code.
    You will first need to have authorized the app access to your camera to read the code.

Since the Login QR codes are linked directly to your account, we recommend that you keep them in a secure area.

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