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Updated over a week ago offers a service of personalized gift cards. Whether it’s a physical or a virtual gift card, any organization can find the perfect fit. We have three distinct models to choose from that will meet your needs.

The personalized gift card will be integrated into a transactional microsite that reflects your organization's colours. Your buyers will then be redirected to a secure website to complete their purchase, where they can decide the amount of their choice, varying between $ 5 and $ 1000 unless you choose otherwise.

The gift package

This gift package offers you a large surface to create an exceptional visual. It is an interesting avenue whether you would like to insert an advertisement directly in the gift package’s visual or inside on a separate sheet. Besides, you can provide a unique experience for the buyer by breaking the gift card’s monotony. Your customers will receive a gift wrapped in your organization's colours by mail.

Items required for the gift package:

  • Personalized visual. The visual must be according to the template provided for printing.

Traditional gift card

This gift card represents a more conventional option for organizers who would prefer a printed card. By choosing this option, buyers will receive a gift card on a presentation sleeve. The card will be placed in a mailing envelope of size 10 or the same size in your organization’s name.

Items required for the traditional gift card:

  • Personalized visual. The visual must be according to the template provided for printing.

  • Personalized envelope. (If needed)

Virtual gift card

This entirely virtual gift card will be sent by email, including your organization's colours. The email's visual will match the gift card's one to keep its festive spirit.

By choosing the virtual gift card option, the buyer will be able to include a personalized message for the recipient in addition to selecting the date and time the recipient will receive the gift card.

Items required for the virtual gift card:

  • Personalized visual. The visual provided must be 675 x 425 pixels.


Personalized gift cards will be for sale on a microsite of your image, including your logo and the visual of your gift card.

This microsite will allow the clients to obtain a gift card, view its balance and even reload it if necessary.

Here is the visual of the microsite

Items required for the microsite:

  • Logo. (You have to provide one file per language, if necessary) Horizontal (preferable for readability), SVG format.

  • Primary colour. HEX colour.

  • Theme. Dark or pale?

  • Personalized visual. The visual provided must be 2 inches high x 3 ½ inches wide and 800 x 1400 pixels.

The items that can be changed are the following:

  • The header's image (hence the logo);

  • The theme (dark or pale);

  • The icons and buttons colours (primary colours);

  • The predefined amounts (four amounts);

  • The text below the star icons.

Here is an example of a personalized microsite with a dark theme:

To learn more about our gift card service, contact your event advisor or write to

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