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How to add a video-on-demand with Youtube?
How to add a video-on-demand with Youtube?

Add a VOD (VSD in French) on's viewing page.

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The following procedure allows you to integrate a Youtube video to our viewing page. Be aware this is not the only way to add a video-on-demand to our platform; this is only one way to do so.

Important: Please note that there is no security process against link sharing when using Youtube.

From your YouTube account:

1 - Click on Create, then click on Import videos.

2 - Drag and drop the video file in the Import videos window.

3 - Fill up the details related to your imported video and click Next.

4 - In the following pages, choose carefully the visibility you'd like to set for your video.

To integrate your video to's viewing page, visibility must be unlisted or public.

Public : Youtube's by default parameter. The video is visible for everyone and will appear in the search results.

Private : Most secure visibility parameter. The video will only be seen by the people to whom you send an invite (max. 50 people). The video will not appear in the search results and the link cannot be shared.

Unlisted/Not listed : Kind of a cross between the Public and Private parameters. The video is not visible in the search results. However, the people who have the video link will be able to share it.

5 - Once everything is all set, copy your video's link and log into your account.

From your account:

6 - Select your event in My Events, make sure you are in your event's Information tab and paste the link you have just copied under Video Link found in the Location section.

7 - Under Viewing option, choose Embed video on the secured viewing page.

8 - Still under the Location section, decide :

  • Display attendee count. If this option is selected, a counter will appear in your video's left corner, indicating how many people are watching your video. Most organizers offering VODs prefer to remove this option.

  • Display live chat at entry time. This option will add the chat area to your event. Displaying this allows your viewers to interact with other viewers. However, different users will not watch the video simultaneously, so there is a strong possibility that the chat can reveal spoilers. Most VODs prefer to remove this option for this reason.

  • Time of video display. This option establishes the moment when the video is displayed on the viewing page.

  • Page expiry. **Very important for VOD!** Your event's start date will determine when buyers can start viewing your video. Still, the expiration of the page will determine the period during which the video will be available.

Example: The start date of my event is August 1 at 10:00 am. From August 1 at 10:00 am to August 8 at 10:00 am, a buyer will have to watch my video regardless of the date on which they obtain a viewing link. After this period, the viewing page will no longer be valid, and the client will see this message by clicking on its link:

Maximum numbers of plays. This option limits the number of views per person and reduces the chances of sharing their link with their entourage.

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