How to Duplicate a Promotion

Step by step guide to create and duplicate multiple promotions

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Are you offering similar promotions for multiple events? Are they including various promo codes that would be time-consuming to transcribe manually? Please know that it is possible to duplicate a promotion within our event management tool.

Create a promotion

First of all, you need to create a promotion according to your criteria. To understand the procedure well, please see the article about how to create a promotion in's event management tool by clicking on the button below:

Duplicate a promotion

Once you have created a promotion, you can duplicate it for the number of times you need. To do so, please go back to the Promotions module and do the following steps:

1. Click on the arrow pointing downwards beside the Modify button. Choose the Duplicate option.

2. A pop-up window will open. Select all the options you would like to keep.

Below is a descriptive list of fields found within that window to help you make informed choices:


If you manage more than one organization, you could duplicate a promotion from one organization to another by choosing the appropriate one in this field.


It is possible to duplicate a promotion in one or multiple languages. Please ensure the initial promotion is specified as bilingual if you would like to replicate it in various languages.

Promotion Name:

You can decide whether you would like to keep the original name or whether you would like to name the duplicated promotion differently.

Promotion ID:

If needed, create an ID for your promotion. This identifier will be visible in your sales report as well as in the Buyer data module. This ID can be very useful for your results analysis.

Keep the events:

You can choose whether you would like your duplicated promotion to be associated with the same events as in the initial promotion, or you can do so with other events.

If the new promotion is for the same series of events, choose Yes.

If the new promotion should be associated with different events, choose No.

3. Click on the Save button.

4. Please note, if needed, it is also possible afterwards to modify some of the new promotion's aspects via the Modify button.

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