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How to Integrate a Survey Within the Viewing Page?
How to Integrate a Survey Within the Viewing Page?

Virtual events (streaming), custom questions, forms, surveys, votes, etc.

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Do you need to obtain additional information from your audience during your live event? Did you know it is possible to show custom questions directly within the viewing page for any event broadcasted online? offers a custom questions service displayed as a form in a tab available on your event's viewing page. This versatile function will let you, among others, survey your audience's appreciation or gather votes during a contest. In short, it will allow you to obtain the extra information you need while the viewer is not losing sight of the ongoing video.

1. Creating custom questions

To have everything set up, you will need to start by creating your custom questions to ask your audience on your event's viewing page. To do so, go to the Settings section from the left menu in our management tool and then in our Custom questions module.

Be aware there is no limited amount for custom question creation for any event. You can create as many questions as you want, depending on your needs.

If you are not familiar with this function, click on the following button, which will redirect you to the explanation on how to proceed:

2. Associating the custom questions

Now that your questions are created, now's the time to associate them with the appropriate event. Click on your event's Form tab. Within the Attendee data section, checkmark the question you would like to ask your audience within the viewing page.

  • If your event has only one rate, the custom question will be asked to all buyers. However, if your event has more than one rate, the Rates column will appear. By clicking on Rates, identify whether this question should be asked to all rates, some rates or only one in particular. Thus, it is possible to ask different questions to different people within the same event.

  • In the Required column, decide whether answering the custom question is optional or mandatory. Choose Yes if it is mandatory and No if it's optional.

  • By clicking on the cogwheel icon (at the end of each question line, between the pie chart icon and the arrows), you will be redirected into your custom question's Advanced Settings. Within the Data entry section, click yes next to the Video page to add your survey question. Be careful; if you choose No instead, your question won't be visible on the viewing page.

3. Activate the survey on the viewing page

Even though you chose Yes to the option of adding a custom question to the viewing page, it won't be visible until you activate the visibility of the survey itself.

When you have established which questions you would like to add to your viewing page, check the Show survey tab box found in the Viewing page section, under your event's Form tab.

This function lets you manually activate your survey's visibility at the moment of your choosing. In the beginning, during or at the end of your event, you decide!

Please note a delay of around a minute between the survey activation and its appearance on the viewing page.

Viewing page preview

4. Activate your survey's submit button

It is feasible to do the same kind of manipulation regarding the survey submissions on the audience's end.

You could decide to show the survey during the entirety of your event, but activate the Submit button only close to the end of your event. To do so, check the Enable survey submission box whenever you are ready to receive the data.

Viewing page preview

Once activated, the Submit button will turn red and will be clickable.

When the participant has clicked on the Submit button, he/she will see the following confirmation appear on the screen:

5. Results analysis

Once your event is done, and all forms are submitted, you will have the possibility to analyze the answers received.

Two options are offered at this time to peruse the precious data: via the Buyer Data module or your event's Form tab.

Via the Buyer Data module

Customize the Buyer Data module's data model by selecting the same questions asked on the viewing page. You will then be able to list all the answers received.

Via your event's Form tab

It is also possible to view the info directly within your event's Form tab by clicking on the pie chart icon beside each asked question.

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