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How to Obtain the List of Received Donations During a Virtual Donation Campaign?
How to Obtain the List of Received Donations During a Virtual Donation Campaign?

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You have created a donation campaign for one or multiple events, and you are wondering where the data related to the received donations is? You are at the right place.

1- Access the List module

First of all, click on the Donation module at the bottom of the menu bar in the events management tool, then on List.

The List page will then open. Use the available fields to find the campaign you would like to get the data:

  • Period: If you would like to see the list of donations made during a specific period your campaign occurred, select the start and end date of that period. Click on All if you do not want to choose any particular time.

  • Organization: Choose the organization associated with your donation campaign.

  • Campaign: In the drop-down menu, choose the campaign you would like to see on the donations list. If you would like to see all donations from all your campaigns, please keep this field empty.

  • View: Once you've entered all the information needed in the fields above, click on the View button to see the list appearing on the same page.

  • Excel: If you want to, you can also export the generated list by clicking on the Excel button. It will create a .xls document that will upload automatically to your computer.

2. View the donations list

Whether you click on View or Excel, it will generate the same information. The only difference is that the View button will show you the info within the management tool, while the Excel button will export a .xls file.

Here is the information you will find:

  • Date: The time of the donation

  • Organization: The organization associated with the donation campaign

  • Campaign: The campaign's title

  • Order: The order number associated with the donation. If you chose to view your list in the management tool, know that you can click on this number to obtain more information about the donor.

  • First and last name: The donor's full name

  • Amount: Amount given by the donor

  • Total: The total amount donated from the generated list.

Please note it is possible to regenerate the list at any time, depending on your needs.

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