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How Does the Donation Tab Work on the Viewing Page?
How Does the Donation Tab Work on the Viewing Page?

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Whether you are organizing or participating in a virtual event, including a donation campaign, it is essential to understand how the Donation tab works within the viewing page to maximize your experience.

First and foremost, the event organizer needs to create a donation campaign within the management tool. If you are an organizer and would like to know more about how to create a donation campaign and link it to an event, please click on the below button:

1- Choose the donation tab on the viewing page

You will find different icons on the video area's right side within your event's viewing page. When a donation campaign is activated, a heart icon with the dollar symbol in the center will appear, like the following:

Click on this icon to open the donation campaign window inside the viewing page.

2- Title and description

On top of the donation campaign window, you will find the campaign's title as well as its description. The description length is at the organizer's discretion.

3- Donation amount

This section is where you need to indicate the amount you wish to donate. The event organizer predetermined four amounts, but you also can choose the "Other amount" option and indicate how much you would like to donate.

4- Identity and message accompanying the donation

First of all, you can verify the name accompanying your donation is accurate. Look under the Donation amount section and check the name stated at the of the sentence "You are interacting as."

If you would like to modify the name, click on the underlined name, and you will be redirected to the Me tab, where you will be able to modify your first name, last name and email address.

Once everything is up to date, click on the Save button, and a confirmation notice will appear on top of the current page:

Click again on the Donation icon to go back to the tab and complete your donation form.

Please note, the first and last name will be visible in the chatroom since every donation amount made during the event will publicly appear there.

ANONYMITY: If you prefer donating anonymously, checkmark the box beside "I want my donation to be displayed anonymously in the chat."

Optionally, for those whose names remain visible to the public during a donation, you can also add a personalized message with your donation, which will also appear within the event's chatroom.

5- Payment

Once everything is all set - identity, message and amount - you can proceed with the payment.

Please note that at the moment, our donations system accepts VISA and Mastercard credit cards.

Once you've entered the card number, expiry date, card security number and postal code, take the time to read the Terms of use, then check-mark the confirmation box for this purpose.

Finally, click on the Donate button. You will then receive a donation confirmation notice, and the amount will appear within the chatroom with your name and message, or "Anonymous" if you decided to remain unknown.

Please note it is possible to donate as many times as you want while the event is happening.

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