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How to Set Up a Webhook with Swapcard?
How to Set Up a Webhook with Swapcard?

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Are you organizing an event with the Swapcard platform? Did you know that you can transfer the participant data from the ticketing platform to your event and, optionally, to a group of participants on the Swapcard platform? The following article explains how to create your own webhook directly within our event management tool.

1- What is a webhook?

First of all, if you are not familiar with the term webhook, click on the button below, and it will redirect you to the explanatory article about it.

2- Required information

Now that you know a little more about what a webhook is, gather the following information from Swapcard: the API key, the event ID and, if applicable, the participant group ID.

3- Webhook creation process

  1. Navigate to the left menu of the management tool—click Settings, then Webhooks.

  2. Then click on the + Create a Webhook button. A new page like the below will appear:

  3. Select the Organization in which you created your event.

  4. From the Type drop-down menu, select the Swapcard option.

  5. Then choose the Language in which the data will be shared

  6. Optional: If you want this webhook to be added by default to all of your selected organization's events, check the Default webhook box.

  7. In the Options section, add the information from your event on Swapcard: the API Key, the Event ID and, if applicable, the Group ID.

  8. In the Events section, click + Add to open the Event Selector and check the one(s) you want to link to your new Webhook. Once your choice is complete, click the Select button.

  9. Double-check that all fields have been filled and the information is correct, then click the Save button, and it will be added to your organization’s webhooks list.

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