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Seating plan: Opting for booking tables as a whole
Seating plan: Opting for booking tables as a whole

Advanced configuration of the seating plan with tables

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Did you know it is possible while configuring your venue's seating plan to select an option that makes it feasible to book a table as a whole instead of booking separate seats?

First of all, you need to prepare your seating plan with tables having the desired seating capacity. The seating capacity per table doesn't impact this feature.

Is it your first time creating a seating plan?

Firstly consult the article written for this purpose to guide you throughout your creation process:

Your seating plan is now created; you can edit the tables to be booked as a whole.

Steps to configure the tables' reservation type:

  1. Within the seating plan creation tool, select the tables you would like to be booked as a whole.

  2. On the right side of the platform, the Table menu should appear. Scroll down the menu until you find the Miscellaneous section.

  3. In this section, check the Bookable as a whole checkbox.

  4. Click Save, and you are done!

The system also colours the tables differently depending on the associated booking type.

For instance, this example shows a venue with seven tables having six seats each, and one of them has the Bookable as a whole checkbox checked. Here, we can easily see that table number seven is entirely coloured, while the other tables have only their seats coloured, meaning they cannot be booked as a whole.

What about the row of seats?

Please note that this feature is not functional with rows of seats. However, if you have a seating plan with both rows and tables, you can ensure the tables are bookable as a whole while the seats in rows are bookable individually.

For any other questions about the seating plan, feel free to look at the other articles on the matter in our help center, or write to us at

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