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How Does the Countdown Before the Beginning of a Virtual Event Work?
How Does the Countdown Before the Beginning of a Virtual Event Work?

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Are you on the viewing page of your virtual event waiting for it to begin, and a countdown is displayed on the screen?

Each countdown message generated in real-time depends on the remaining time range before the time specified for the beginning of your event.

Below is a table explaining the range reflected by the countdown message shown on any event's viewing page:


Countdown message

0 to 44 seconds

In seconds

45 to 89 seconds

In a minute

90 seconds to 44 minutes

In 2 minutes ... In 44 minutes

45 to 89 minutes

In an hour

90 minutes to 21 hours

In 2 hours ... In 21 hours

22 to 35 hours

In a day

36 hours to 25 days

In 2 days ... In 25 days

26 to 45 days

In a month

45 to 319 days

In 2 months ... In 10 months

320 to 547 days (1.5 years)

In a year

548 days and more

In 2 years ... In 20 years ... etc.

For instance, the countdown is expected to display a 1-hour remaining message for more than an hour, more precisely for 89 minutes. Then, when the delay is 44 minutes, the message is automatically modified to indicate the countdown with the number of minutes left.

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