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White label - Emails
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When activating our white label service on emails, you will have the three basic emails personalized : the confirmation email (sent immediately after the transaction is completed), the email with e-tickets / viewing links (sent immediately after the transaction is completed) and the reminder email sent 48 hours before your physical event or 12 hours before your virtual event.

Here is an example email:

Items that can be changed are the following:

  • Sender's name and email address ;

  • Image of the header (in the example, the logo);

  • Color of the header;

  • Color of the titles;

  • Color of the dividers;

  • Adding an image at the bottom of the page;

  • and disable the default sections.

Here is an example from the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal:

Required items

  • Logo. (You can provide a different file per language). SVG format;

  • (Optional) Sender's email. The address you want the white label emails to be sent from so customers can just reply to the email with questions. You will also have to give us the name of the sender which should appear in the inbox;

  • Email background color. HEX color;

  • Header image. (You can provide a different file per language). Width of 690 pixels;

  • Header background color. HEX color;

  • Title color. HEX color;

  • (Optional) Image of the footer. (You can provide a different file per language) Width of 690 pixels. Often used to thank partners or sponsors. If you want the image to be clickable and redirect to a page, provide us with the URL of the footer link.

  • Color of horizontal dividers. HEX color;

  • Do you want to display the Help section?


By activating this useful section, you will need to enter your customer service information. Go to your organization's file in Accounts > Organizations section.

Add a phone number and your opening hours.

  • Do you want to display the Suggested events section?


Your mailing address and social media links will be displayed in the footer of these emails. So make sure that this information is correctly entered in your profile in the Organizations module.

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