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What Is the Minimum Internet Speed Required to Validate or Sell Passes at Your Event Site?
What Is the Minimum Internet Speed Required to Validate or Sell Passes at Your Event Site?
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One of the essential elements for fast and seamless pass validation at your event site is a strong internet connection. Even if you have “high-speed” internet, this does not automatically mean that you have an optimal connection for validating several hundred passes in a short period of time.

To put it simply, your internet package is divided into two parts: the download speed from the web to your computer, and the upload speed from your computer to the web.

It is this second element that is important when you use our devices at your event site.

In order for everything to work properly, aim for a MINIMUM upload speed of 10 Mbps. This way, you can easily validate several hundred passes without delay. However, 15 Mbps is far better to ensure that multiple validation devices and our box office tool for on-site pass sales can operate simultaneously.

Several options are available to test your internet connection, including this one. To find out the upload speed, check the information indicated under “Upload”. Note that it is better to do the connection test when the Wi-Fi is being used by several devices.

When validating passes, the validation application will display a notification in a band that is either green (good connection), yellow (unstable connection) or red (bad connection), depending on the quality of your internet connection. This is the main performance indicator of your Wi-Fi to ensure optimal use of our application. If the message becomes yellow or red, you must contact your network technician ASAP.


  • Get out your Ethernet cable! For a more efficient box office, nothing beats a direct connection between your router and your computer.

  • The Wi-Fi hotspot or router must not be more than 25 feet from the validation device or box office. Therefore, be sure to install one hotspot per entrance and per box office.

  • If your network provider technician cannot be on site for your event opening, have their phone number ready. They will be able to increase the internet speed remotely if needed and boost the connection.


If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, please ensure that the connection is only used for pass validation and the box office. No personal use or sharing of Wi-Fi should be allowed on site.

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