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Custom Sales Report
Custom Sales Report

View a sales report that includes your criteria.

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This report allows you to view and download sales reports by organization, event group or event by adjusting several criteria. Each section of the report is also available to download separately in .CSV format.

  1. In the Reports section in the Left menu, click on Sales.

  2. Select the period covered by the report; the organization (if applicable), event or event group for which you wish to obtain a report and the rates and promotions that you wish to be covered in the report.

  3. Tick the boxes next to the sections that you wish to see in your report. You can select all of them my clicking on All or unselect all of them by clicking on None.

Sales by day
This section presents sales made by day both online and offline and for complimentary and consigned tickets. It also displays the revenues from these sources.

Sales by event
This section presents details by event and by rate, by displaying the total capacity for each event, the revenues for the report period and for overall sales, as well as online and offline sales, online and offline sales revenues, complimentary and consigned tickets and total revenues.

This section presents the details of your sales according to the ticket rates and promotions that you previously created for the event.

Sale Taxes
The sale taxes for each ticket rate and for each event are displayed here in the unit cost and total cost, in gross revenue, GST and QST and in net revenue.

Methods of payment
This section sorts revenues according to the methods of payment used by buyers (MasterCard, Visa, cash, debit, etc.), and according to whether payments were made through your merchant account or’s payment system.

Expenses are presented by event and by rate. Credit cart rates, the cost of printed tickets and net revenues are displayed. Each line is divided according to the report period and the overall sales period.

Note: Please note that taxes are applicable to the expense amount and are not calculated in this module.

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