How to get the information for a specific pass
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A pass keeps coming up as invalid? A ticket is found on the ground, and you want to figure out who it belongs to? Use the Information module in the validation app to get more details.

  1. In the left-hand menu, go to the Information module.

  2. Use one of the three available validation methods and validate the pass in question.

  3. The order information will then be displayed on the screen, including the participant’s email and phone number.


    Indicates whether the ticket has been validated.


    Name of the rate purchased by the participant.


    Information about the participant, such as name, organization, email, phone number and order number.

    From this page, you can contact the participant directly by email or phone. If you are using a smartphone for validation, pressing Call will automatically call the participant.


    Shows the unique identifier of the pass, whether a barcode, QR code or RFID.


    Indicates whether it is an e-ticket or an object (wristband/card).

    Validation history

    Displays the participant’s comings and goings. This will show you whether they have left the site.

  4. Validate the entry or exit of the pass based on the situation.

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