How to import promo codes

Import promo codes with a csv file

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You can quickly import several different promo codes and apply them to one or more of your promotions.

First, you must complete a .csv file with two columns: the first one (A) named code and the second (B) named nb_use. The first column must include all your promo codes. The second must contain the maximum number of uses for each code.

Here is an example of the formatting requirements:

Once the file is complete and saved in .csv format, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Marketing > Promotions;

  2. Create a new promotion or choose an existing one;

  3. In the Applicability section, check the Promo code required box, then click on the Settings link;

  1. Click on the Import button that appears in the pop-up;

  1. If you have already completed and saved your file in .csv format, click on Choose file, then Save. First, make sure that your file complies with the written notice.

  1. If you have not completed a .csv file, click on Download template, then fill in the Code column with your promo codes to be imported, and the nb_use column with the maximum number of uses for each code;

  2. Once your .csv file is saved, you can finish the import as described in step 5;

  3. Once your codes have been added, you can close the window by clicking the Close button.

In your code settings, you can also change the quotas for all your promo codes by clicking the Change quota button.

Enter the new quota to be applied and click on Save.

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