How to Program an Event

Learn to create, manage, and modify an event.

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1. In the Events section of the menu, click on My Events tab.

2. Click on the + Create an Event button at the top right of the screen.

3.  If you manage more than one account, select the name of your company from the dropdown menu in the Account section.

4. Enter the name of your event (e.g.: Back-to-School Party – Alex Nevsky).

5. Select the category and subcategory of your event. Categories allow for better indexing of your event, but only you will be able to see the subcategory. 

6. Complete the form in the language or languages of your choice. Be sure to visit each tab at the top of the screen so that nothing is left out. 

7. Save your event and plan the sale of tickets in the Publication tab.

8.  Return to the My Events tab to duplicate, share, modify, obtain a report or cancel/postpone one of your event.

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