Artists/Speakers Tab

Write artists names, add links and videos, insert a biography, display artists names on the tickets

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Please note that this tab only appears for events categorized under “Music” and “Courses and Conferences”.


Enter the names of the headlining artists or speakers.


Add the artist’s or speaker’s biography if you like. This will only appear on the event page on


Add videos of the artist if you like.

Add the artist’s Facebook, Twitter or Youtube pages, or any other related website.


Enter the names of the supporting artists. Add as many artists as you like by clicking on the “+” button.

Note: The name of the supporting artists will appear in a smaller font on the website and widget.

Display Options

Display event name in addition to artist names: Select whether or not you would like the name of the event to appear on the event page and on the default ticket layout.

Note: This applies primarily when the event is a festival, fundraiser, launch, conference, etc. (e.g. Fundraiser Concert, Festival Envol et Macadam, Album Launch, Conference on Performance Rights).

Display “+ Guest(s)”: Select this option if the supporting acts remain to be determined.

The default ticket layout will display the first three artists added under “Headliners” or “Support”. You may add more than one artist per field, but space on the ticket is limited.

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