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Collect data from all participants in addition to ticket buyers.

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By default, all informations are already requested from each online buyer. The data you check will have to be filled by the ticket buyer for each ticket in his order, which adds to the purchase process.
Tip: Avoid checking data if it is not necessary to be known for each participant. 

This tab allows you to create a custom form in order to obtain data pertaining to each person attending your event, and not just the ticket buyer. At the time of purchase, the selected fields will need to be filled out by the buyer for each of the tickets. By clicking on the “Create Custom Question” link, you may create questions specifically for your event. For example, you may ask whether the buyer has allergies or how they heard about the event, or you could ask them to join a file or picture. Questions may be mandatory or optional and may be applied to one or several ticket rates.

Three icons can be found to the right of each question. The pie chart allows you to rapidly view the results of each question. The gear wheel opens the “Advanced Settings” dialog box. Clicking on it allows you to choose whether the question is asked to each attendee or a single time for the entire order. You may also choose whether the answer to the question will appear in the order confirmation email sent to the ticket buyer, and whether you wish to limit the number of answers to each question (for multiple choice questions). The third icon features up-and-down arrows that allow you to rearrange the order of the questions. 

You may also hold your mouse down on the arrow button and move an entire line. 

Attendee Data
Select preprogrammed questions by ticking the boxes next to them. In the “Required” field, choose “Yes” to make answering the question mandatory and “No” to make it optional. 

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