How to Create an Event Group

The benefits of grouping your events under a group, the how-to, and reporting.

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What is an Event Group?

An event group allows you to link several events together according to dates, editions, performances, a season or a tour.
An event group is useful both for your sales reports (because it groups all the selected events together) and for your sales (because you will have a personalized url for the group in addition to improving the display in the shopping cart and purchase window).

Two paths can lead you to creating an event group: 

  • Under the tab Reports of an event (My Events) or

  • under the Event Groups tab available under Events.

How to Create an Event Group

1. Click on Event Groups under Events;

2. Click on + create a group;

3. Choose the type of event group that best suits your needs:

  • Date. Link all events with a common date;

  • Edition. Link all the events belonging to the same edition, for example for the 9th iteration of a festival.

  • Location. Link all events within the same location. 

  • Performances. Link all representations / occurrences of the same show / event / conference.

  • Season. Link all the events of an activity season.

  • Tour. Link all the events of a tour.

4. Select the languages of the events.

5. Enter the name of the event group. It will only be visible to you for your reports.

6. Enter a description (optional). The description is perfect for groups of events requiring a procedure, how-to, or if you want to add important details for your customers.

7. Choose the events that will be part of your group by clicking on + Add.

8. Upload a custom image for your event group different from that of the events in the group. The image format should be 1152 x 648 px.

9. Enter a personalized URL if you want to group your events on a single page on Using the name of your event in the address can also increase the indexing performance in search engines. The URL can only consist of letters, numbers, and hyphens.

10. Add audience analysis services for this group of events.

11. If your events are private, you can check the option to have your events displayed to people with the link. Only people with the link will be able to see these events.

12. Press "Save".

Add Events to an Already Created Group

If you create other events after creating the group, you can add them to the group by clicking Edit on the Event Groups home page.

Group Sales Report

Once sales have started, you will be able to download the sales report for your event group in the Event groups section, using the arrow to the right of it.

You can choose what you want to find on your report, view, download, and print it.

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