n order to create an event with limited access, such as a symposium where each activity has a maximum number of attendees, you may use the “Form” tool when creating your event. 

1. Create your event as usual and create the ticket rates that you wish to offer. 

  1. In the “Form” tab, click on “Create Custom Question” and choose “Dropdown” as your type of question. In the dropdown menu, you can list the limited-capacity activities for a given time frame (e.g. Label: Morning Conference. Answer Choices: Conference A, Conference B, Conference C and No Conference). Save the question. 

  2. Click on the gear wheel to the right of the new question. 

  3. Under “Quotas (0=no limit)”, enter the capacity of each activity. If you enter 0, the answer choice may be selected by an unlimited number of attendees. 

5.    Click on “Save”.

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