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How to Create or Edit an User ?
How to Create or Edit an User ?

Manage and create users for your account. Give access to the platform to your colleagues. Change your password.

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At any time, you may add members of your team to your Events Manager and choose which features they will be allowed to access. This feature lets you know which actions were performed by each user and is useful if a problem arises or if you simply want to better supervise your team. You may also create users in order to allow them to validate tickets. 

  1. Click on the “Access” section header.

  2. Click on “Users” and then “+ Add User”.

   3.     Fill out the fields.

   4.    Choose a predefined role from our list: 

Event Organizer
Gives access to the modules necessary for creating and managing events and for granting permissions.

Box Office
Gives access to the modules necessary for making sales and printing tickets. 

Ticket Validation
Gives access to the modules used for ticket validation only. The user may not modify events or sell tickets. 

   5. Click on “Save” and provide the new user with the information on how to log in to          the Events Manager. 


It's also via this module that you can change your password.

  • Search your username and enter the account by clicking on your name.

  • Enter a new password in the Password field and click Save

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