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How to Print Tickets if You Don't Have a Ticket Printer
How to Print Tickets if You Don't Have a Ticket Printer

Order and print physical tickets for offline sale.

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Please note that the rate for printing tickets is $ 0.20 per ticket plus a $ 20 shipping fee. Prices are subject to change.

In order to simplify the process of ordering printed tickets for your events, we have created a module that allows you to prepare your order yourself while making sure that you are satisfied with the ticket layout.

You now have access to this option in the menu to the left of the Events Manager. In the “Tickets” section, you will find a “Ticket Requests” tab. 

How to order tickets directly

1- Open the "Ticket Requests" module.

2 - Click on the "+ Request Tickets" button.

3 - Select the event and the rate for which you wish to print tickets.

4 - Enter the quantity of tickets desired.

5 - Enter the unit price and, if you wish, add an organizer fee.

6 - Choose whether or not these will be complimentary tickets.

How to order tickets for reserved seats

Send a printed tickets request by email to detailing which rows and which seats you want, at what total price and by which delivery method you want them.

Ticket layout

At all times, you may change the layout of your ticket to be printed in the "Layout" section. You will see the changes displayed on the ticket on your screen in real time. You can change what's written on the ticket directly in the "Text" field. You can also change the font and its size, etc. 

Once you are satisfied with the final result (price, font, rate name etc.), click on the "Order" button at the bottom of the page. 


By mail: From the “Shipping service” dropdown menu, select XpressPost (delivery takes approximately two days) or Expédibus (arrives no later than the next day, depending on your region) and fill in all the fields required in the "Shipping address" section. A shipping fee of a minimum of $20.00 + tax will be charged to you or deducted from your sales. Shipping fees are subject to change, depending on the number of tickets ordered.

Pick up: Selecting this option indicates that someone will be picking up the printed tickets at our offices in Québec or from our partners in Montréal. 

Multiple orders

Do you require tickets at different rates? Or do you wish to place an order for several different events? You simply need to confirm the first order and then repeat the same process for each batch. If you chose to have your tickets shipped by mail, from your second order onward, the system will present you with the option of grouping the orders together and using the same delivery method for the entire order. Select this option if you would like for all batches of tickets to be delivered to the same address and if you wish to receive the entire order in a single envelope.

As long as your order is not printed at our office, it is possible for you to make changes. 

A print confirmation will be sent to you as soon as the order is printed and we will proceed with the shipment (if applicable) on the same day.

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