View results, reports and all your sales in real time. Geotag and know where your buyers come from

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The dashboard can be found in the Events section. It allows you to view a summary of your sales results. You can modify the displayed information by using the provided fields to select the desired period of ticket sales, the event and whether you wish to view online or offline sales, or a combination of the two. When the displayed information coincides with what you wish to view, click on Refresh.

The dashboard can be very useful in providing information on where your ticket buyers are from, and it also lets you know when exactly purchases were made. This allows you to better gauge the impact of your advertising campaigns. 

Note: By default, the period displayed in the dashboard consists of sales made in the last thirty days. 

Tickets Being Purchased
Indicates the number of items in a shopping cart at the current time. 

In the daily sales chart, you can see which events and which ticket rates are your best sellers. You may also find out where your buyers are located thanks to the geolocation map. 

Embedded Sales
Refers to sales that were made through a widget. 

This means the sites that redirected buyers to Thepointofsale.com.

My Events section

You may see the sales made for an event to the right of each of your events listed on the “My Events” page. You may also see the sales made for the different ticket rates in your event’s “Rates” tab.

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