There are two ways to view the answers to custom questions.

  1. Directly in the Form tab of your event, you can view the number of answers to each question by clicking on the pie chart icon. 

2. Via the menu tab on the left of Marketing>Buyers Data. You must click on All next to Period, then choose your event and the rates for which you want to see the results. You can modify the data model (to the right) according to your needs.

In the drop-down menu, you will find your custom questions in the Participant section. Select the questions for which you want to see the results in the table (last name, first name, etc.). You can delete them using the X or move them using the double-arrow button to the right of the data.
This data can be exported in CSV and Excel format.

As for the files, you can also see them in the order itself from Archives.

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