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How to Sell tickets Onsite With the Box Office of the Management Tool
How to Sell tickets Onsite With the Box Office of the Management Tool

Sell tickets offline, sell tickets on site and at the door.

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The Box Office tool allows you to create orders for ticket buyers. All you need to do is fill out the required fields and complete the transaction with the buyer. You may print the purchased tickets directly from the “Box Office” page. On your reports, these sales will be entered in the “offline” category, because payments for these are not made through

You must have a POS terminal (or any tool that allows you to process payments) to complete credit card or debit transactions with the Box Office.

External Box Office’s management tool box office is still functional. However, we also have an external box office (purple) that is more intuitive and user-friendly.

Box office of the Management Tool

If you prefer to continue using the Box Offfice from the management tool, here are the steps to follow:

  1. In the Orders section, click on Box Office.

    To the left, you will see the items for sale. To the right, you will see the information regarding methods of payment, delivery options, the buyer’s information and the costs. 

  2. To sell an item, press the + button next to the desired item, the desired number of times. 

  3. Select a delivery option. If you wish to print the ticket at the end of the transaction, tick the Instant issuance box. Further buyer information will be required in order to send tickets by mail or to issue electronic tickets. 

  4. Under Costs, indicate whether this is a complimentary (free) ticket or if a promotion is applicable to the sale. 

  5. Under Payment, select the method of payment. 

  6. Print a ticket to complete and save the transaction or save without printing if you selected a delivery method other than instant issuance.

Pro tip: If your internet connection was interrupted during the process, and you are uncertain whether or not the transaction was completed, click on the “Last Orders” button to the top right. 

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