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How to Send an Email to Your Ticket Buyers
How to Send an Email to Your Ticket Buyers

Contact, inform and massively send e-mails to your ticket buyers.

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Before the event

With the automatic reminder

Thanks to the automatic reminder sent 48 hours prior to the event, you can easily send information by email to your ticket buyers.

  1. Open your event in “My Events” and click on the “Details” tab. 

  2. In the column to the right, underneath the “Important information to include in the reminder email” heading, add the information that you wish to send. Please note that all of the information contained in the event description will automatically appear in the reminder. 

  3. Click on “Save”.

  4. The email will be sent automatically by, 48 hours prior to the beginning of the event. 

Before or after the event

With the receipt of purchase 

With the “Archives” feature, you may resend the receipt of purchase along with a custom note above it to all or some of your ticket buyers.

  1. In the “Orders” section, click on “Archives”.

  2. Select the period of time within which you wish to search, as well as the event and any other information needed to limit your search. 

  3. Click on “Search”.

  4. Tick the boxes next to the buyers to whom you would like to send the email. 

  5. Click on the “Send Receipt” button beneath the list of buyers. 

  6. In the dialog box that appears, enter the message that you wish to send. It will appear above the receipt in the email. Click on “Send”.

After the event

Would you like to let your buyers know about an upcoming event? You may retrieve your buyers’ email addresses in the “Marketing” section. 

  1. In the “Marketing” section, click on “Shared email addresses”.

  2. Select the event for which you wish to obtain addresses. If you would like to write to ticket buyers from all of your events, do not select anything. 

  3. Copy and paste the addresses or export them in CSV format. Use your preferred email platform to send the messages. 

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