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How to Receive Funds Earned From the Event
How to Receive Funds Earned From the Event

Receive money from your sales, provide your check sample and / or your bank details.

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If you have linked your merchant account to the event, you have already collected the funds earned. 

Even if you use your own merchant account, add your banking information! This way you will receive income from cross revenues and other types of income directly after your event and, most importantly, quickly!

If you used’s payment system, you will receive a bank transfer or a cheque within days of the end of your event. A payment confirmation will be sent to you afterwards.

If you have not already done so, please enter your bank information in the Organizations module. 

  1. Select the Account Tab in the left menu, and then the Organizations module. 

  2. In your Organization's profile, under Bank details, click on + Add bank account.

  3. Add your institution, transit and account number. 

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