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How to Install a TSC TDP-247 Tickets Printer
How to Install a TSC TDP-247 Tickets Printer

Instructions for installing a TSC TDP-247 or TSC TDP-245 printer that is rented or purchased. To follow step by step.

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Follow these instructions to complete the installation of your ticket printer. 

Ensure you have all of the components. You should find these elements in the box:

  • A printer 

  • A power cable

  • A USB cable

  • An installation CD (you won’t be needing it)

Download the following programs:

Install Google Chrome, if you haven’t already. 

Install the TSC TDP-247 printer driver. 

Connecting the printer and loading the tickets

  • Connect the printer to your computer and plug the power cord into a wall socket. Do not turn the printer on. 

  • Open the printer cover by pushing the two green cranks on either sides of the printer and lifting up the cover. 

  • Slide the tickets in through the opening in the back of the printer, between its cover and its base. The longest part of the ticket should be entered first and the color-printed side should be face up. If you are facing the printer, the price information should be to the right of the ticket.

  • Slide the ticket through the turquoise and black guides, adjusting the guides so they are just tight enough for the tickets to slide comfortably between them, without friction. Slide the ticket until the stub of the first ticket is on the rubber roller.  

  • Close the printer. The first ticket should be exceeding the printer. 

  • Turn the printer on with the power button in the back.

Configuring the print settings

  • Open the “Printer Setup” file that you previously downloaded and unzipped.

Open your Control Panel and click on “Devices and Printers”.

Right click on the TSC TTP 247 printer icon and select “Properties”. 

In the “Tools” tab, click on “Driver Options” and then on “Import”. Select, in the downloaded “Printer Setup” file, the “driver export.sds” file. 

Click on “OK” and on “Apply”. 

Right click on the TSC TTP 247 printer icon and select “Printing Preferences”.

Under the “Support” tab, in the “Media Manipulation, Post-Printing Action” section, select “Use Printer Settings”. 

Go to the “Printer Setup” file and double click on “Diagtool_V163”.

Click on “Load” on the “Diagtool_V163” tool then select “Printer config.dcf”.

Click on “Define” and then on “Recover”. 

Click on the button near the green, orange or red light on the printer. The ticket should come out and automatically be placed on the dotted line, ready to be torn.  

Turn the printer off. Hold down the feed button on top of the printer. Turn the printer on while pressing the feed button and watch the indicator light. It should change from orange to green to orange, before flashing red. Let go of the feed button immediately after the third red flash. The printer should feed a few labels through it before stopping. 

Log onto your Events Manager, go to the “Tools” section and click on the “Print Test” tab.

Click on “Print Test” to test print a ticket. 

Do not hesitate to contact our customer service team (581-981-8686 or if you have any questions regarding the installation of a TSX TDP-247 printer. 

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