Payment Report

View payment reports, sales, refunds and ticket exchanges.

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Payment reports allow you to view sales, but also refunds and exchanges. Each section may be downloaded separately. It allows you to look back on past transactions and gain a better understanding of potentially unclear situations. 

This report is used to understand and view a summary of the orders made through the box office.

  1. In the Reports section, click on Payments.

  2. Select the organization, the event or events and the period you wish to be covered in the report. 

  3. Choose the event or all events you want your report to include.

  4. Choose whether you want your report to include transactions made by all users or by a single user.

  5. Select the types of reports and the methods of payment that you wish to view. 

  6. Click on Search to view the results. 

The Summary section shows, for each method of payment, the number of transactions, the revenues, the refunds, the exchanges and the total. 

The Events section shows, for each event, the methods of payment, the ticket revenues, the producer fees and the total. 

The Rates section shows the same information as the events section but also features ticket rates details. 

The final section, Search Results allows you to find order numbers, the exact date and time of a transaction and the user who made the transaction. 

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