Programming Automated Reports

You can program the automatic delivery of your sales results by email at a specific time. That way, you can receive sales reports without having to be connected to the Events Manager. Give your report a name, choose the dates for the beginning and end of report delivery, select the events to be included in the report, enter the recipients of the report and determine the frequency of delivery. You may program as many reports as you like!

  1. In the “Reports” section, click on “Automated Reporting”.

  2. Click on “+ Create Report”.

  3. In the “Information” section, give the report a name so that you may easily identify it. Select a language for the report. 

  4. Enter as many recipients as necessary, by adding their names and their email addresses. 

  5. Tick the boxes next to the events that you wish to be included in your report. 

  6. In the “Schedule” column, indicate the period for which you wish to receive reports. Check off the days of the week when you would like to receive the report and the time when you would like for the report to be sent. 

  7. The “Additional Reports” section allows you to add information: 

Last Week Sales
Select “Yes” if you wish to add a graph representing the sales made in the past week. 

Sales by Website
Select “Yes” if you would like to add a results table detailing the sales made through the website. 

Sales by Buyer’s Location
Select “Yes” if you wish to add a map or chart showing where ticket buyers are located. 

  1. In the “Options” section, select whether you wish to view sale details by type of ticket or by event and if you wish to keep one-week-old events in your report.

  2. Click on “Save”.

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