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How to Obtain the List of Attendees
How to Obtain the List of Attendees

List of names of attendees who will pick their tickets at the door. Will call tickets.

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Obtaining the list of attendees

Your event is fast approaching and you wish to obtain the list of attendees? Here are the different ways of doing so: 


  1. Create your event.

  2. In the “Reports” tab of your event, enter the email addresses to which the will call list should be sent at the end of each ticket rate’s sale period. 

3. This list does not provide the names of all of the ticket buyers, only those who selected the “will call” delivery method.  

Obtaining a list in PDF format with all of the ticket buyers’ names and quantities of tickets purchased

  1. In the “Tickets” section, click on “Will-call”.

  2. Select your event, as well as the desired rates, delivery options and inclusions. 

From this list, you can:

  • Print the ticket(s) by selecting the desired attendees and clicking the Print button.

  • Mark the ticket as "picked up" by clicking the Picked up button.

  • Submit a ticket as "But back for collection", if the Picked up button was clicked by mistake

  • Validate barcodes, by selecting this option for them to appear on the report

  • Download as a file, by pressing the "PDF" button.

  • To download the list, click the “PDF” button.

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