There are two ways to associate an object with a command.

The first, easier, is accessible to anyone in your team through the validation app.

The second, more complex, is done through the Events Manager.

1.To associate an object in the application, first select your event.
2.1 Validate the participant's pass as usual using the camera, laser or NFC. You can always use manual entry if the other methods do not work.
2.2 Validate via the Attendee List by selecting the List tab. Find the participant by searching their first name or last name in the search bar. Click on their name to open the Attendee Details where you will see the symbol and word Object on which you need to click.

3. If the ticket is valid and no object has been associated to it, a window will appear asking if you want to associate an object. Click Yes.

4. Take the object you want to associate and read it with your device. The Laser/NFC tab will open automatically, but you can use the camera and manual input. Be careful to associate the right object depending on rates!

5. That's it! Purchased activities are now programmed on the object!

Object Association via the Events Manager

1.In the Events Manager, go to Orders and then Archives.

2. Find the order to which you want to associate an object. You can search by several criteria such as email, event and order number by selecting the More options button. Once the information is entered, click on Search.

3. At the bottom of the page, under the Tickets section, find the rate for which you want to associate an object (if the order has more than one ticket) and click under the code number on (No object code) .

4. A window will open. Manually enter the number of the object or use your USB scanner to save time. (Only some USB scanner work with the platform, consult your designated Account Manager before proceeding with the purchase of merchandise).

To learn more about objects and how to associate them, don'y hesitate to contact us!

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