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How to validate your passes from the attendees list
How to validate your passes from the attendees list

Validate an attendee's entrance and exit, access to attendee's data, and list options.

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The participant list, available in’s validation app, allows you to validate participants’ passes by searching for their first name, last name or company (if applicable), even if they do not have their pass in their possession.

2 ways to validate passes

There are two ways to validate tickets from the Attendee List.

In the list itself

Swipe right and press Validate entry to confirm the participant's entrance to your event. A green check mark will appear to the right of the name when the participant has been validated.

In Attendee Details

Click on a participant's name to view their information. At the bottom of the page, press Validate Entry Enter.

Attendee Details

As shown in the image above, you can access several pieces of information from the list.


The name of the rate for the pass to be validated.

Last name, first name and company name
At the top, the same information found on the main list.

Order number

Corresponds to the participant's transaction number.

Pass ID

The number associated with the ticket.

Section, row, seats, etc. (if applicable)

If your event has a seat map, this information will be found in the center of the record.

Delivery method

The option chosen by the participant at the time of purchase.

You can use this information not only to verify the participant’s identity, but by clicking on the icon, you can also send the e-ticket or transaction confirmation by email.

Validation history

The history shows you the participant’s whereabouts, if they entered and exited the site.

All the answers to the personalized questions asked when purchasing a pass will also appear on this page.

As with all validation modes, you can validate only some of the rates in list mode or validate the passes in exit mode.

Validation options / Exit mode

First activate exit mode in the options section at the bottom of the validation screen.

In the list, swipe left and press Validate exit to validate the pass in exit mode.

In the Attendee Details, click on Validate exit at the bottom.

Event options / Participant list

This section allows you to view the attendee's company or remove it to allow more participants to be displayed on the main page.
You will also find the option to display or remove from the list already validated attendees.

Event options / Rates

In this section, you can choose the rates you wish to validate and feature in your participant list.

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