What Is a Virtual Event?

By virtual events we mean events taking place remotely and broadcast live for which ticket buyers get a secure redirecting link purchased on Thepointofsale.com. Also known as streaming and live video, virtual events help increase the reach of your events and gain distant audiences who cannot physically travel.

How to Put a Virtual Event Online?

To put a virtual event online, you will have to follow, for the most part, the same procedure as for a physical event.

 Here are the few steps that differ:

1- In the Information tab (My events), select Virtual in the Location section under Location type.

2- Under Streaming Provider, select the provider you want to use for your event. By default, Thepointofsale.com will be selected.
Learn more about the security, participant limitations, and technology requirements from your broadcast provider. Please note that the only streaming provider with no participant limit and for which we can guarantee against fraud (distribution of same links to multiple people) is Thepointofsale.com's. 

3- Under the section Dates,

  • Doors: enter the time for which you want the chat area to become available;
  • Start Time: enter the time for which you will be able to start live streaming.

On the example above, the chat area would become available at 13:30 (1h30PM) whereas the live video would start at 14:00 (2PM).

4- Click on Save.
5.1- If you are using Thepointofsale.com as your streaming provider, go to the Streaming tab and select the video quality that will be used during the virtual event.

It's crucial to select the right video quality used during the stream since this information affects how the data is transmitted.
For example, if you select a higher quality than that allowed by your internet connection speed, the video will be laggy and/or blurry for your viewers.

Then copy and paste your feed link in your video software. We recommend two solutions: OBS Studio if you use a computer and Larix Broadcaster if you use a mobile device.

5.2- If you are using a stremaing provider other than Thepointofsale.com, select this provider in the drop-down menu in the Information tab and paste the unique streaming URL for your event.

IMPORTANT! You need to paste your streaming URL in this section before your event start or your buyers won't be redirected towards the stream!

Ticket buyers will receive a redirect link. This link will bring them to a page dedicated to your event on Thepointofsale.com with a counter indicating how much time remains before your event starts.
As soon as the time comes, customers will be automatically redirected to the link that you have previously entered under the Information tab.

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