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Form Tab - Create Custom Questions
Form Tab - Create Custom Questions

Create custom questions that are necessary for your event. Choice of menu, allergies, size of clothing, add file or picture, etc.

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Create Custom Question

This link leads to the “Custom Questions” feature, found in the “Settings” section. When opened from the “Settings” section, you will see all of the questions that have previously been programmed. By clicking on the “+ Create Question” button, you may program a new question.


Choose whether you would like for the questions to be in a single language or in several. You must then provide the information in the selected languages. 

The label is either the question that you would like to ask or the name of the field. It is thus important to choose precise terms. For example, to ask whether someone has a food allergy, you may choose to write: “Do you have a food allergy?” or simply “Allergy”.

Select the type of answer.

Email Address
Accepts answers including a “@” and at least one “.”

A dropdown menu featuring the past 100 years will be displayed.

Multiple Choices
Selecting “Multiple Choices” displays the “Answer Choices” column, where you can list possible answers, adding as many as you like. 

Using the arrows, you may change the order of the choices. 

With the “+” button, you can add choices, and with the “x” you can delete choices.

Note that you can also tick the “default” box next to certain choices so that they will be chosen by default. 

Confirmation (Checkbox)
Allows buyers to tick a box indicating that the answer applies to them. 

Accepts answers in the form of yyyy-mm-dd.

Displays a new column to be filled out. You must indicate the choices for answers within it. You can select a default answer. You may change the order of the choices by using the arrow buttons. The “+” button allows you to add choices and the “x” button allows you to remove them. Note that the buyer can only choose one answer. 


For the organizers, have to get an external form filled out at registration or a photo of the attendee, for example.

Accepts numbers.

Yes/No (Dropdown)
Allows the buyer to answer yes or no to a question.

Provides a list of countries.

Provides a list of provinces or states, depending on the selected country. Works only if the “Country” question has been asked.

Gender (Woman/Man)
Provides the choices of “Man”, “Woman” or no answer. 

Specify (Checkbox + Text when checked)
Provides the choices of “Yes”, “No” and a text field marked “Specify” if “Yes” is selected.

Text (multiple lines)
Provides an empty field to be filled out by the buyer on several lines (long text).

Text (single line)
Provides an empty field to be filled out by the buyer on a single line (short text).

Title (Mrs/Mr)
Provides the choices of “Mrs.”, “Mr.” or no answer.

Accepts answers in the form of 111-111-1111.

Three icons can be found to the right of each question.

The pie chart allows you to rapidly view the results of each question.

The gear wheel opens the “Advanced Settings” dialog box. Clicking on it allows you to choose whether the question is asked to each attendee or a single time for the entire order. You may also choose whether the answer to the question will appear in the order confirmation email sent to the ticket buyer. You also can limit the number of answers to each question (quotas, for multiple choice questions).

The third icon features up-and-down arrows that allow you to rearrange the order of the questions. 

You may also hold your mouse down on the arrow button and move an entire line. 

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