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How to Edit your Organization Profile?
How to Edit your Organization Profile?

How to edit your account information and how to edit and choose the information publicly displayed on your event page.

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By putting your tickets online via the website you have a default page dedicated to your company. This allows you to showcase all the relevant information such as your about text, opening hours, links of your social media, and more which are related to your events.

Public information as well as your account information can be changed at any time via Accounts - Organizations module.

Account settings

To change the information related to the source of your account, go to the Account Settings section and click on the pencil icon next to each data you want to edit.

Public information

To choose and edit the information you want to display publicly on your page, go to the Public Information section and click on the pencil icon next to each of the data you want to edit.

How it is displayed:

  • If the user has visited an event's page during its active session, the information of the last event viewed will be displayed at the top of the page.

  • Then the contact information of Canada, Indonesia and Hong Kong are displayed.

  • If the country of the user is Canada or if he is on or, the contact information of our Quebec City and Montreal offices are posted, in addition to the information for Canada in general. The display order of these two segments is calculated according to which is the closest to the user.

  • For Canada, the waiting time of's telephone system is displayed.

You can upload a profile picture for your business as well as your logo to put on printed and electronic tickets.

Capacity Reserves

This is the section where you can add Capacity reserves that you will be able to use in your events. You can add, modify, or delete capacity reserves, and you can limit the users from your team that will have access to those reserves. Read the article about Capacity Reserves to know more. 

Cross Revenues

This is also where you can choose enable or disable the cross revenues option for your whole organization. You can also enable or disable this option per event. 

Default Event Information

This section lets you display information for your event that will autofill to all your events. Use this section wisely, it could save you so much time!

Refund & Exchange Policy

As an organizer, you can determine your default exchange and refund policies, and display them publicly for each event. Simply click on the pencil to the right of the section to modify.

If these policies are different for a specific event, you can always edit them directly in the Details tab of your event.

Children and persons with mobility impairment

Following many questions from buyers, we have added this section so you can better inform your customers.

Give your customers more information about the accessibility to your site and your related policies. Can children enter for free? If yes, until what age? Is your site accessible to mobility impairment persons? Do you let the guide (accompanying person) in for free?

Terms of use

You can consult the Terms of use at all times by clicking on the link in the section. You can also see who, in the organization has accepted the Term of use and when. It is required to accept the Terms of use before your event is online. 

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