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How to Rent Validation and Printing Material?
How to Rent Validation and Printing Material?

Cost and procedure for renting scanners and ticket printers. Validate and print tickets. Sell ​​tickets offline.

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Note that the availability of our equipment may be limited during our busiest time of the year. Therefore, we advise you submit your request for rentals as soon as possible ahead of your event so we can meet your needs and avoid unpleasant surprises.

To rent scanners and printers, email us at or call us at 581-981-8686 to discuss your needs.


Cost: $ 35 + taxes and delivery fees / day / scanner.

           A minimum of 2 days rental is required.

In order to facilitate control of access and counter ticket fraud, thepointofsale.computs at your disposal laser and optical scanners allowing you to effectively validate tickets, regardless of the scope of your event.

NB: The free app (available through Google Play and Apple Store) also allows you to validate tickets in camera mode with any smartphone!


** IMPORTANT! ** Our ticket printers are only compatible with Windows.

Cost: $ 100 + taxes and delivery fees / week

          $ 200 + taxes and delivery charges / month

           $ 0.10 + taxes and delivery charges / blank ticket provides you with printers as well as blank firm paper tickets for the printing of offline sales.

To install a ticket printer, carefully follow all the steps in our article.

Once the printer is installed and ready for printing, consult our full user guide to learn how to print off-network tickets.

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