The Attendee List available on our validation application (download it on the App Store or Google Play) allows you to validate customer tickets by searching with their first name, last name and company (if applicable).

How to validate tickets

There are two ways to validate tickets from the Attendee List.

1. In the list itself

Swipe right and press Validate entry to confirm the participant's entrance to your event. A green check mark will appear to the right of the name when the participant has been validated.

2. In Attendee Details

Click on a participant's name to view their information. At the bottom of the page, press Validate Entry Enter.

Attendee Details

As the picture above shows, several information will be available to you from the list.
First name, Last name and company name
At the top, the same information found on the main list.

Seat, row, table, etc. (if applicable)
 If your event has a seating plan, this information will be found at the top of the page.

The name of the ticket rate.

Pass number
The number associated with the ticket.

Delivery mode
The option chosen during the purchase.

Not only will you be able to use this information for identity verification.

By tapping the icon, you will be able to send again the e-ticket via email or purchase confirmation.

Validation History to find out when the participant has entered and exited your event.

In addition, you will find on this page all the information that you have put as mandatory during the purchase.

Several options are available by clicking Options at the bottom of the screen.

Exit Mode
Just like the other types of validation, you can validate the participants' ticket when they exit.

In the list, slide your finger to the left and press Validate Exit to validate the exit.

In the Attendee Details, click Validate Exit at the bottom to validate the exit.

Rate(s) Section

This section will allow you to choose the rates you want to validate on your device.

Attendee List Section

This section allows you to view the attendee's company or remove it to allow more participants to be displayed on the main page.
You will also find the option to display or remove from the list already validated attendees.

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