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What is Google Tag Manager? How can I use it?
What is Google Tag Manager? How can I use it?

How to collect more data than regular monitoring tools for experienced people

Written by Émilie Lavoie
Updated over a week ago

Google Tag Manager (also known as GTM) is the ideal tool to collect all the data needed to track and improve your marketing.

If you use Google Analytics (or another web analytics tool), you already gather certain data: number of page views, bounce rate, average length of visits, traffic sources, etc.

Although very useful, this information quickly reaches its limit. Using Google Tag Manager, you can gather more. For example:

  • CTAs clicked;

  • The top selling products and categories and the revenue generated;

  • Registrations to your newsletter

  • Clicks on a given product

  • Downloads of a document (PDF, etc.);

  • Clicks on "add to cart";

  • Products removed from the basket;

  • Discount coupons use;

  • Navigation depth on the page;

  • Triggering and play time of a video.

In general, if you want to get this type of data in Google Analytics, it requires the intervention of a web developer.

Fortunately, Google Tag Manager lets you collect all this information with tracking tags. These tags simply tell Google Tag Manager what data to collect.

On Google Tag Manager

Follow these steps to create an account, exploer the platform, and create your tags.


You can directly put in your tracking codes on: 

  • Your event. The data collected will therefore be on this particular event.

  • Your account in general. In this case, the tracking codes will automatically appear on all your events.

On One Event

1. In the left menu, click on Events > My Events. 

2. Select the event on which you want to add tags and go to the Reports tab.

3. At the bottom of the page is the Web Analytics Services section.

4. Select Google Tag Manager from the drop-down menu, put in the unique ID you created on the Google Tag Manager platform, and decide if you want to gather date on all the pages of your event or just the purchase confirmation page only.

On Your Account

  1. Once connected to the Event Manager, select the event of your choice and click the Report tab.

2. Under Web Analytics Services, click on +Add Web Analytics Service

3. Enter the needed information here so that the tracking codes are automatically put on all the events that you will create from this point forward.

Test your tags! Make sure you have the most useful data!

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