First of all, this article is only intended for organizers who have linked their event to their Paypal account. If this is not your case and you have questions, click on the icon at the bottom right of this page to start a chat with a member of our team.

Your event is canceled and you want to reimburse your buyers? Please note that if you use Paypal as your merchant account, unfortunately can't reimburse buyers' orders for you. You must therefore log into your Paypal account and make the reimbursements yourself.

Remember, you still need to communicate with our team to let us know the details of the event cancellation.

1. Export your buyers' information. On our platform, go to the Marketing tab of the left menu, then to Buyers data order to export your buyers' information. In the data fields, we recommend that you add the order transaction number.

2. Log in your Paypal account. Then click on Activity in the menu bar at the top of the page.

3. By clicking in the search bar, you can choose to search by transaction number (reference number) by choosing this field from the drop-down menu.

You can search by the person's email address, first name, or last name. However, a person may have purchased tickets from you more than once. If there are more than one transaction under a name in your Paypal account, you could easily make some mistakes. The transaction number is unique. That way, you are sure to refund exactly the right transaction.

4. Once the order has been found, make sure that the buyer's name and order's date correspond to the information you have collected from Click on Refund at the end of the line.

5. By clicking on Refund, you will see the refund summary. At the bottom of the page, click on continue to complete the payment.

6. Write down the refund transaction number and give it to a member of our team who will update the buyer's order on the platform and, by at the same time, adapt your reports to reflect reality.

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