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What is a webhook and how can they help?
What is a webhook and how can they help?

Mailchimp Webhook, new order webhook and charity receipt

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What is a Webhook?

In general, a webhook allows you to trigger an action following an IT event. They can be alerts, but they can also be more complex actions.

Let's take, for example, a company wanting to send a promotional code to each customer who has opened their monthly newsletter. An employee could manually go through the newsletters statistics daily and manually add these customers' data to a second mailing list for promotional codes. Alternatively, they could create a webhook that would automatically send the promotional code whenever a newsletter is open.

Which webhooks are available on, and how can I add them to my events currently offers its customers multiple types of webhooks, and the amount increases rapidly as this technology is pretty easy to develop and has a significant positive impact on workload.

Copy of Confirmation Email

With each new order of your event, receive a copy of the confirmation email sent to the buyer. We can use this webhook for events requiring a closer follow-up or whenever an organizer needs to be informed about a new sale or registration. It also prevents the event manager from constantly logging onto the platform to see any incoming new order.

Automatic Sign Up to Receive your Mailchimp Promotions

As soon as a buyer of one of your events accepts to receive your promotional communications, you can automatically add them to your Mailchimp mailing list. All you will need are the API key and List ID.

Sending Charitable Tax Receipts Automatically

First of all, we strongly recommend you to read this complete article explaining in detail what a charitable donation receipt is, what amounts are applicable, which rules are surrounding the issuance of this type of receipt, and much more.

For those organizing charity events issuing donation receipts, as long as you have a charity organization number, you can automatically get donation/charity receipts following purchase for your event.

Webhook with Swapcard

Les organisateurs d'événements qui utilisent la plateforme Swapcard ont la possibilité de lier leurs événements avec notre billetterie afin d'assurer un transfert d'information des participants de la billetterie vers Swapcard.

URL Type Webhook

Do you need to transfer the buyer's data on an external server outside our event management tool? Using a URL webhook will make it much easier and will save a lot of precious time.

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