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Vimeo Premium integration for live events
Vimeo Premium integration for live events

All the steps necessary to use the Vimeo Premium services and streaming solution

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When you use Vimeo, you have two viewing options: one that redirects to Vimeo, the other integrates the video put on Vimeo to the secure viewing page of

Redirection to Vimeo

1- Put your Vimeo video link under Video Link.

2- Under Viewing option, choose Redirect the attendee on the streaming provider platform.

Embed Video

By integrating your Vimeo video on our viewing page, you will benefit from our protection against link sharing and from our tools such as the participant counter and the chat area.

Note that only Vimeo Premium accounts have access to live events.

From your Vimeo account :

1- On your Vimeo platform, click on + New Video;

2- Before clicking on Create live event, under Privacy, choose Hide this video from Vimeo. This option ensures that an individual cannot take and share your streaming link.

3- Click on Create live event

4- Enter the relevant information in the window that appears. If you had not indicated the privacy option in step 2, you can put it in this window.

5- In the next page (the page for your event on Vimeo), click on the Embed tab at the top left of the page.

6- Under Embed privacy, you must choose Specific domains and in the section that appears just below, enter and and click the + sign.

** Important to enter both! **

This step ensures that an individual cannot "steal" your video and put it on another website (to make it accessible to several individuals who have not purchased a pass). Only people with a (or link will be able to access your event.

6.1 - We recommend that you select the following parameters under Controls (Playbar, Volume, Fullscreen) and deselect everything else. These are options that optimize the customer's experience.

7- Back in the Event tab, copy the link under Link.

Hide the number of participants

By default, Vimeo displays the number of participants watching a video. If you would like to hide this information, you need to do a quick modification to your account's parameters.

  1. Go to your Vimeo's account Settings.

  2. In the Settings menu, click on Videos, then on Upload defaults.

  3. Under the Video preferences section, check the box Hide video stats and viewer count on the video page and in search results.

  4. Click on the Save button.

Once completed, this manipulation will apply to all events within your account.

From your account :

8- Back in the event manager tool, select your event in My Events and paste the link you have just copied under Video Link.

9- Under the section Dates,

  • Doors: enter the time for which you want the chat area to become available (if you choose this option);

  • Start Time: enter the time for which you will be able to start live streaming. IMPORTANT! If you want to start your video in advance, you will need to change the start time. The video will only be accessible at the time you enter here.

10- Under Viewing option, choose Embed video on the secured viewing page.

11- Still under the Location section, decide if you want to display the attendee count and the live chat.

All good!

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