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Problems DURING the Live Virtual Events: What to Do?
Problems DURING the Live Virtual Events: What to Do?

Find solutions for problems that may occur during a live virtual event. (broadcast, live stream)

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You just encountered a problem while watching your live virtual event?

Don't panic, we can help out!

This article will show you some tips and tricks to Cet article vous permettra de vous outiller pour la résolution de problèmes et vous pourrez par la suite bénéficier d'une expérience optimale.

Q. Why is my video lagging and how can I fix it?

Prior to any event, our event organizers make a series of tests to ensure their connexion is working well and transmission is optimal. That being said, most of the time, the lag occurs on the user's device.

If you're experiencing some delay (also called lag), make sure you're connected to a strong internet network, and check whether other users sharing this network are not doing any online activities which could affect the speed of your connexion (online video games, big file downloads, streaming, etc.).

To check your connexion speed, you can use this site. Standard requirements for live streaming is 4Mpbs.

If you can, plug your Ethernet cable directly into your device for a better connexion.

Pro tip: If you have issues with viewing your event, you could try reducing the resolution's quality for faster loading. To do so, click on the gear wheel icon to open a drop-down menu, and then select a lower resolution than the one you're actually using. (Example: less than 720p).

Q. My screen is black. What should I do?

A bad internet speed might be the cause. To check your network speed, you can use this site. Standard requirements for live streaming is 4Mpbs.

Are you on a mobile device (tablet or phone)? Have you installed your device's most recent software update? Sometimes, an older software version might be incompatible, and the simple action of updating it should solve the issue.

Notice to Apple products users: If you are using a device that can no longer be updated, you may need to use another device to view your live event.

First of all, make sure your link is open on only one device and one browser. Since each link is unique and cannot be shared, if your link is opened by more than one device or browser, this notice will appear.

Also, check your browser's windows and make sure your viewing page is only open once. A link opened twice in the same browser will generate the same notice.

If you have changed your device or browser after you opened the viewing page link, it is more likely to have some delay. Close all your windows and browsers and try again in a minute (the delay can take up to 60 seconds).

Q. I do not want to PARTAKE in the live chat. What should I do?

Nothing at all! If you do not write anything in the chat area, your name and image will simply not appear.

Q. Can I hide the live chat from my screen while I watch my event?

Easy peasy! Just enable the video fullscreen mode and only the video will be visible on your screen.

Q. How can I add my picture in the chat area?

By using Gravatar! Read our how-to article right here 👈

You still haven't found what you were looking for?

Try closing your window and clicking again on your access link to reopen it, or restart your device. Sometimes this is all it takes to resolve sneaky bugs.

If your problem is not listed here and you still need our help, don't hesitate to contact us by email or via the chat icon found in the bottom right of this page and we'll be pleased to help out.

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