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Would you like to collect donations within the event you organize? Would you like to see in real-time the evolution of your donation campaign? It is henceforth possible to manage virtual donation campaigns within Thepointofsale.com's events management tool.

1- Access the Donations Campaigns module

At the bottom of the menu bar in the events management tool, click on the Donation module, then on Donations Campaigns.

You will be redirected to the Donations Campaigns page, which looks like the following screenshot:

2. Create a new donations campaign

Click on + Add campaign, the red button situated on the top right section of the page, and then a pop up will open:

  • Organization: Choose the organization for which you would like to create your donation campaign.

  • Languages: Determine whether your campaign will be in one or more languages. At first, the drop-down menu will give you two options:
    - English only: For any unilingual English event.
    - English and/or other Languages: By choosing this option, the different language options available within the events management tool will appear with checkboxes. Checkmark the languages you would like to use for your campaign.

  • Name (en): Write down your donation campaign's title. If you chose to use multiple languages, you would see a name field for each of them to add the translated titles accordingly.

  • Save: Once you've filled all the fields, please click on the Save button. You will then be redirected to your new campaign's management page.

3- Configure your new campaign

Now that you have created your new campaign, it's time to double-check and edit its information via its management page.


This section includes some of the information added when creating the campaign and the fields to edit your campaign's explanatory texts.

  • Organization: This field cannot be modified. If you made a mistake and chose the wrong organization, you will need to start over and re-do all the previous steps.

  • Name - English: This is the title you gave to your campaign when creating it. If you made a mistake and would like to edit it, please click on the pencil icon beside it, and an edit pop-up will open. By clicking on the + sign icon, you will be able to add another language. Finally, if a language is no longer necessary, you can click on the garbage icon to delete it from your campaign.

  • Description - English: This is where you need to add your campaign's description, which will appear directly in the Donations tab within your event's viewing page. Like the name, it is also possible to edit the text with the pencil icon, add another language by clicking on the + sign icon, and delete the entered field with the garbage icon.


This section lets you configure the different donation amounts proposed to participants. Please note all amounts must be higher than zero and cannot contain any decimal.

  • Default amount: This is the preselected amount shown in the Donations tab within the event's viewing page. You can modify the amount by clicking on the pencil icon.

  • Minimum predefined amount: This is the minimum amount a participant can donate during the campaign. You can modify the amount by clicking on the pencil icon.

  • Maximum predefined amount: This is the maximum amount a participant can donate during the campaign. You can modify the amount by clicking on the pencil icon.

  • Predefined amounts: These are the four amounts suggested to participants in the Donations tab within the event's viewing page. You can modify each amount by clicking on the pencil icon. Caution: If you're using an amount smaller or bigger than the predefined minimum and maximum, the system won't accept it.

  • Amount raised: This field will update itself whenever you receive a new donation so that you will see the total amount raised since the beginning of your campaign.

4. Associate your donations campaign to one or more event(s)

Once your donation campaign is created, and information added, let's go to the Events section, which is at the bottom of the Donations Campaigns module.

Click on the + Add button, and the Event selector will open as shown in the following screenshot:

  • Agency: If you are an agency, please select yours in the drop-down menu.

  • Organization: Select the organization for which you created your event(s) to link with your donation campaign.

  • Period: To help you find the event(s) you are looking for, indicate the period in which your event(s) will be active.

  • Status: You can narrow even more your search by check-marking the appropriate statuses of your events: Upcoming, Past and/or Archived.

  • Events group: If you have multiple events to add to your campaign, you could create an events group and associate this one with your donation campaign. This action will be way faster and easier than searching and adding each event one by one.

  • Keywords: It is also possible to search for an event by typing one or more keywords in this field. In the screenshot above, this is the way the event has been found easily on the platform.

Within the search result, check-mark the event(s) or events group you would like to add to your donation campaign, then click on the Save button. The added ones will be shown within the Events section of the Donations Campaigns module, as you can see in the following screenshot:

Click on the eye icon beside each event to determine whether the total amount raised will be shown on the event's viewing page or not.

If you have added an event by mistake, click on the garbage icon beside it to remove it from the list.

If another event needs to be added to the campaign at an ulterior date, or if you forgot to add one in the first place, you can go back to this section whenever you want and add it by clicking on the + Add button.

For further information:

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