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Q: What is the waiting line?

A: In the same spirit as a waiting line at a physical ticketing office, it ensures the event ticket sales' effective functioning whenever there is high traffic on the purchasing platform.

Q: Why some events have a waiting line when the tickets are up for sale?

A: When a popular event's tickets are up for sale, a waiting line gets generated to manage the high volume of simultaneous activities, optimizing the user's experience during the purchase window.

An event with lower traffic won't require a waiting line during the purchase window.

Q: When does the waiting line admit customers on the event's page?

A: At the exact time that the large-scale event's tickets are up for sale.

Q: If I log on to the event's page before the beginning of the sale, will I have more chances to get a ticket than by arriving at the exact time the sale starts?

A: No. When the sale starts, no matter how long you were there in advance, the system will assign you a random position in the waiting line to give an equal chance to everyone connected, independently of the time spent on the page before the beginning of the sale.

Someone who's connecting to the event's page after the start of the sale will get assigned a position at the end of the actual waiting line.

We recommend arriving a few minutes in advance to make sure you'll get attributed a spot in the waiting line whenever the sale starts and therefore maximize your chances to get a ticket.

Q: I have logged onto the event's page before the beginning of the sale. Should I refresh the page at the time the sale starts?

A: You do not need to do so. The page will refresh automatically whenever the sale starts and you will be granted a spot in the waiting line.

Q: I have logged onto the event's page a few minutes in advance as advised. However, I am still very far in the waiting line. Why?

A: The greater the traffic when the sale starts, the more likely it is that your randomly assigned position is farther in the line.

Q: When will it be my turn to make a purchase?

A: Depending on your position in the waiting line, you will be able to buy tickets as soon as the people in front of you will complete their purchases or will have left the waiting line.

Q: I have received a message stating it is my turn to make a purchase, but I'm still in the waiting line. Is it normal?

A: Please wait a minute, and the system will redirect you to the page where you'll be able to make your purchase.

Q: When is the waiting line deactivated?

A: Whenever the people have completed their purchases, left the waiting line, or when the event is sold out.

Q: Why have I been disconnected or moved farther in the waiting line?

A: A poor Internet connexion, a page that becomes inactive, your device's standby mode; these are all possible reasons.

Some solutions:

  • Make sure your Internet connexion is stable and keep your waiting line page open in front of your eyes to keep it active.

  • Do not visit other pages with your browser, and do not use other software while waiting in line.

  • Make sure your device will not enter automatically into standby mode by going to your device's settings and deactivating the standby mode or moving your mouse (on a computer), or sliding your finger on the screen (on a mobile device). By doing so, your device will understand that you are active on the page.

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