’s e-tickets stand out for their innovative features and the display of relevant information for both the participant and the event organizer.

Information that must be displayed on the e-ticket

Some information must be visible to inform participants about their reservation. Other information is relevant to help ticket validation go smoothly at the event entrance and ensure efficient customer service.

The following information is displayed at the top of the ticket:

  1. Event presenter

  2. Event title

  3. Event location

  4. Performance date and time

The following information is displayed in the centre of the ticket:

  1. The QR code and its different statuses (activated, not activated, transferred, validated, cancelled)

  2. Type of admission (general admission, reserved seat, etc.)

  3. UID: Ticket ID

  4. Order: Order transaction number

  5. Price: The price of the ticket

  6. Sequence: when there are several tickets in an order, it determines the position of the selected ticket in the order

The following information is displayed at the bottom of the ticket:

  1. Date and time (event time + admission time)

  2. Location + show on map

Optional information added to the ticket if needed:

  • Reserved seat information (section, row, table, seat, seat map);

  • Additional information from the organizer.

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