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Capacity reserves are an important tool for teams that need to manage multiple groups of people who are entitled to tickets (media, artist, producer, etc.) or for those who need to set aside a changing number of seats.

If this situation applies to your organization, be sure to create your capacity reserves beforehand.

Joint use of capacity reserves

  1. Click on the desired event.

  2. If you have access to a capacity reserve for one or more rates, you will see it appear below the price of the rate.

  3. To use the reserve, click on the number of tickets available in the reserve. A pop-up will open, and you will be able to determine the reserve to use and the number of tickets to add to the cart.

  4. Click Continue to return to the event page in the box office.

  5. Click on Place Order to complete the transaction.

Another way to use the capacity reserves

  1. Add a ticket to the cart using the arrows provided.

  2. Click on the rate added in Orders at the right of the page.

  3. A new page will open. You will then have the opportunity to take the ticket from a capacity reserve. Indicate Yes to take a ticket from the reserve.

  4. Add the ticket to the desired capacity reserve.

  5. Be sure to set the standard capacity to 0 by clicking on the - (unless you want to add regular priced tickets to your order).

  6. Click on Submit. You will be returned to the event page.

  7. Click on Place Order to complete the transaction.

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