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External box office: refund with Stripe payment terminal
External box office: refund with Stripe payment terminal
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There are two ways to process a refund if the transaction was originally completed with a Stripe payment terminal from

Refund immediately after the transaction


To access this option, please ask an event consultant.

  1. Once the transaction is completed, the Refund button will be displayed on the confirmation page. Click on it.

  2. In the window that opens, choose whether you want to refund the order in part or in full.

Partial refund

If you select a partial refund, you will be redirected to the order archive.

Order cancellation / Full refund

Payment by credit card

If you made a credit sale using the Stripe terminal, cancelling the order will automatically refund it. The organizer will have to choose whether or not to refund the ticketing fees to the buyer.

  1. Select the amounts to be refunded.

  2. Click on Refund.


  • If you decide to refund the ticketing fee, you will be charged for the fee afterwards.

  • It can take up to 10 business days for the refund to appear on the buyer’s credit card statement.

Payment by debit card

If you made a debit sale with a Stripe terminal, you will only be able to process a full refund (Order cancellation). When you click on full refund, you will be asked to enter the debit card into the terminal.

Then, follow the steps indicated on the terminal to complete the refund.

Refund from order history

You may need to make a refund some time after the initial transaction was completed. At this point, the order refund can be done from the order history located in the left-hand menu of the box office.

  1. Go to the order history.

  2. Locate the order to be refunded. If the order was made with a Stripe payment terminal, a purple Refund button will appear on the order line.

  3. Click on the Refund button.

  4. Choose whether you want to refund the order in part or in full. (Please refer to the previous section for more detailed explanations.)

  5. Once the refund is complete, the order history will update by refreshing the page.


Please note that refunds will be available up until the last day of your terminal rental. After this date, you will need to contact’s team to complete any refunds.

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